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Dynamod Innovative Flash Website Templates!

  • Upload Pictures, MP3s and Videos!
  • Unlimited Email Accounts (you@yourdomain.com)
  • State-of-the-Art SPAM Protection.
  • No Web Knowledge Necessary!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!


Your Very Own Flash Website!

Imagine owning your very own Flash website. Well, without the hassle, knowledge, experience, time or expensive cost requirements... Imagine effortlessly uploading any and all of your content to your flash website any time you wanted. Your Dynamod Portal empowers you with the ability to do all of the above, with unlimited E-mail accounts, file transfer modules and even more great web tools that are included.

Edit and Update All of Your Content, Anywhere

You may update your Dynamod website templates effortlessly from anywhere using a computer with an Internet connection. Simply login to your password protected administration and edit any and all of your site content. The changes to your website template will take effect immediately. You are allowed an unlimited number of changes.

Flash Website Templates & HTML Version!

Adobe Flash reaches over 481 million users.
Adobe Flash is the leading vector technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth Websites that attract, engage, and retain site visitors - providing a richer, more compelling Web experience.

In March 2004, NPD Research, the parent company of MediaMetrix, conducted a study to determine what percentage of Web browsers have Adobe Flash pre-installed. The results show that 98.0% of Web users can experience Adobe Flash content without having to download and install a player.

For that remaining 2% and to improve your rankings with Google and other Search Engines, we include an HTML version of your website FREE of charge.

The Mobile Experience

The Mobile Experience

Today, more and more visitors are viewing your portal not just from their desktops and notebooks, but also from their smart phones and tablets.

As you can imagine, no one design can work elegantly on so many different gadgets. To ensure that your message is reaching as many of your fans and clients as possible, we have developed new versions of your Dynamod Web Portal, compatible with the most popular devices on the market!

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Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Accounts

Now you can instantly project a professional image by using your domain name to brand your company or personal e-mail. You'll reinforce your company name every time you or one of your employees sends an e-mail message. You get your own private yourdomain.com mail server so every email you send is personalized with your domain name brand.

Using Dynamail, the latest free web tool provided exclusively for Dynamod Portal customers, you can now check your email from anywhere. Literally. Dynamail features include checking e-mail, sending e-mail, an address book and a little help guide in case you get a little lost.

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Dynamod Spam Protection - Flash Website Templates

State-Of-The-Art SPAM Protection Included!

Your Dynamod Web portal is protected by an industry leading, award winning firewall that will stop spammers before they ever reach your mailbox. Not only will you receive an incredibly smaller amount of unwanted emails, you will also be protected from viruses that make their way around cyberspace as well as email fraud and identity theft, both of which are always a great threat.

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Upload Pictures, MP3s, Videos and More!

Your Dynamod flash website template is accompanied by an Administration System easier to use than Hotmail! Uploading Pictures, MP3's, Videos, PDF's and text has never been easier. Simply select the file you wish to upload and click Submit. It's that easy.

Latest MP3 Streaming

Not only is it simple to upload music to your website, it is also secured using real time streaming encryption, significantly eradicating vulnerabilities of your precious MP3 files, and ultimately driving your audience to buy your records instead of downloading them!

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Web Hosting Services Included

Dynamod Web Portals include premium website hosting solutions utilizing the best hardware and Internet connections imaginable and are accompanied by our 99.8 percent uptime guarantee.

Search Engine Friendly

The Web Industry has deemed HTML Sites mandatory for optimal Search Engine results. Because we include an HTML version of your flash website at no extra cost, your Dynamod Portal will exceed these requirements.

Mailing List Module Included

Using your Dynamod Web Portal, keeping your visitors up to date has never been easier. Send Plain Text or HTML emails to anyone and everyone on your mailing list straight from your Portal Admin. Imports existing mailing lists easily!

Project Management Module

Now you can share files with friends or clients without having to show the whole world. Using your Dynamod Portal Administration, create password enabled users, set their permissions and upload files for them to see! We also give you a Drop Box Module which allows your password enabled users to upload files for you. This is just one of many free tools and services exclusive to owners of our Dynamod Flash Website Templates.

Tracker Module Included

Your Dynamod website template enables you to easily Track how many visitors have come to your flash website and how often they have come. Simply login to the Portal Administration and click Tracker.

Many Themes Available

Using your Administration System, you'll have numerous ways to customize the look and feel of your Portal at any time. Not only can you select from thousands of different color schemes, but you can also choose from many flash website templates we have available. New themes are added regularly.

See more designs.

Original Sound Themes Included

While sound is often a secondary element within a website, its impact should never be forgotten. A good soundscape behind your site will not only enhance your visitors' experience but ultimately draw them closer to your content and engage them in an emotional way.

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RSS Module

By creating an RSS Feed, you can select certain sections of your portal that are automatically syndicated to subscribers of your feed. This means that every time you update your portal, your subscribers will automatically see your updates in their RSS Readers.

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Podcast Module

Your Dynamod Portal empowers you with the ability to release Podcasts using MP3s you've already uploaded into your portal. Not just that, but you can build your own podcasts, just like that! As many as you like! We've made the technology simple for you so you can focus on your newly syndicated shows.

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Favicon Module

Favicon Module

You've probably noticed that cool little icon in the address bar when visiting some of your favorite sites! A Favicon (favorites icon), also known as a website icon and a page icon, appears next to a site's address in your URL Bar, your Favorites List, and sites listed in your Browser History.

Now users can easily upload their very own Favicon right from their Dynamod Portal Admin. It will appear in their Web Browser URL, Bookmarks and History Lists automatically.

Green Hosting!

Green Hosting!

Needless to say, our servers running 24 hours, 365 days a year aren't exactly helping the environment! With new partnerships, supplies and methodologies, Dynamod is committed to achieving our goal of being a greener company, all while continuing to improve and innovate our products and services.

The servers hosting your portal aren't only faster, stronger and ultra reliable, they're also cleaner for the environment.

Analytics Module

You’ve been working to get your message out! We’ve been working to help you track your success! Using the newly upgraded tracker module Dynamod customers are now able to tell what country, state or city your visitors are coming from! Easily differentiate between actual users and search engine robots. With this new functionality you can now track how many users visit the site after a mailing or after a show!

But wait, there’s more!
Wouldn’t you love to know what other website referred a user to your site? What keywords were used to find you in the search engines? You can see how by going to the advanced section in your IP Tracker.

Social Media Icons

From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Vimeo, your web presence will inevitably expand to more than just your website. With Dynamod's Social Site Link module, you can now easily direct your visitors to all your channels, profiles and feeds.

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